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Planting services

The original choice in planting services

Forward thinking

Yearly Care is essential in bringing a plantation or even a backyard planting to its full potential. We offer  mulch and weed-mats with our product if you choose Havenloft to plant for you. For an additional cost we can also offer tree tubes and stakes, a proven and effective method of keeping young trees healthy. Please contact us with your information for a quote.

Expertise and Passion

Monocultures (single tree type plantations) have been shown extensively to be far more susceptible to disease, rodent and environmental impact. This is why acreages will be cross planted with one or more other varieties of trees that are proven to work well with black walnuts. As well, protective hedgerows of softwoods may be needed as they are very susceptible to cold wind desiccation. These trees can be selected upon speaking with potential clients, as well as planting patterns and best plantation locations. We also offer maintenance contracts for yearly care and pruning and a 5% mortality replacement per acre in the first year for bulk orders.

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