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(Corylus Americana)

A wonderful shade tolerant under-story tree

Hazelnuts are a well sought after nut for their easy to crack shell and highly flavorful and rich kernel. The kernel is used to make such foods as Praline and are a tasty treat roasted fresh. Hazelnuts are high in protein, monounsaturated fat, vitamin E, manganese, and other essential nutrients.When planted from nut they can take up to 8 years to produce, while seedlings can take only 2-3 years. Several trees will be needed to ensure cross-pollination and nut production.

Hazelnuts tend grow to around 15-18' high and spread to 10-12' at maturity.They can grow at a rate of anywhere from 12-24" a year depending on site quality. While they are shade tolerant, it is preferable to have them planted where they will get some direct sunlight during the day. They are effective wind breaks and great at bringing in bio-diversity to any yard or acreage.
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