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Black Walnut
(Juglans Nigra)

The Staple of forward thinking Investment and hobby farming


Black Walnuts native range in Canada is limited to the southern portions of Ontario. The trees grown at Havenloft come from a mix of those wild trees and our own more cold hardy varieties from locally selected trees. Seeds are carefully graded on size and initial growth rates to provide a genetically superior end product.

Black Walnuts are renowned for their dark beautiful hardwood as well as flavorful high protein nuts. They work best when planted in small groups as cross pollination in essential if you are looking for large quantities of your own nuts to harvest. They can be roasted in an conventional oven and cracked using a nut cracker.


Black Walnuts on average grow to be 70-80 ft high. Their canopy at maturity can stretch out to more than 40 ft when not crowded. They work well as shade trees, as well as adding biodiversity to any yard or acreage. They are very shade intolerant and require full sun for optimal growth.

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