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American Chestnut
(Castanea Dentata)

A much loved and endangered, classic nut tree

The American Chestnut was once widespread until blight decimated its native range. As of late there have been efforts to cross pollinate the tree with more blight resistant cousins, in an effort to save a semblance of the species. With proper care and preemptive measures, Havenloft's goal is to bring a large population to PEI in an effort to help to bring back this beautiful tree. The nuts are world renowned for being rich and flavorful. They are used in multiple products and can even be roasted on an open fire. These are not to be confused with the horse chestnut, a widespread variety already found on PEI who's nuts are slightly poisonous and not recommended for consumption.

American Chestnuts can reach up to 90ft at maturity, and can start producing nuts in 7-10 years. They do best in full sun and are a perfect addition for adding biodiversity and a wonderful crop to any acreage or property. We also have a small amount of Colossal chestnut which are a larger and cold hardy variety of hybrid chestnut.

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